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Homeless man returns wallet with $500 inside | News

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Homeless man returns wallet with $500 inside

KINGSTON - A homeless man finds a wallet stuffed with cash on the ground.

He did what we all would hope someone would do if that were our wallet.

He called the police and returned it.

Chances are, you'll find Junior Barber on Broadway in Kingston, sitting on a bench, with his white plastic bags, a pensive look on his face as he writes and doodles.

He's not very chatty, but this unassuming 50-year-old homeless man is getting a lot of praise from people across the country, for one simple act.

He found a wallet on the ground with nearly $500 in it, and turned it into the police immediately.

The whole thing really isn't a big deal to Junior.

He just did what he thinks was the right thing to do.

“It made me look at myself, think about the individual that we’re dealing with, and how I’ve perceived him in the past. It made me re-evaluate myself. With that, I wanted other people to be aware of that, and also look at people a little differently when they see them on the street now – especially Mr. Barber,” said Det. Lt. Thierry Croizer, of the Kingston Police Department.

A lot of people have reached out to Kingston Police, asking how they can give Junior some money.

He has refused it all.


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